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Games for PS5 Won’t Run on PS4, CEO Jim Ryan is not Interested

Though, PlayStation 5 will have backward compatibility with many PS4 games, games for PS5 won’t run on PS4. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation has said that he is not interested in doing that.

Why won’t games for PS5 run on PS4?

Well, in an interview with GamesIndustry, the answer was clear. Jim said that he wants developers to take advantage of everything that PlayStation 5 provides. Focusing on making the same game for PS4 would be a waste of resources. According to Jim, they created a next-gen console and it has many features of this current consoles don’t have. Jim wants developers to utilise these new features.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is doing the opposite of this. They games releasing on Xbox Series X will be able to run on Xbox One. Though, it is obvious that the quality will be lower. We will have to wait and see how both these consoles would work.

With so many new features in PS5, it is going to be awesome. Firstly, PS5 comes with an SSD very high data transfer speeds allowing games for PS5 to load a lot faster. I won’t even talk about the overall specs of this beast (they are awesome).

According to me, Jim is right about this. It is a waste of time and resources to introduce two different kinds of compatibility. Its not about PS4 or PS5, its about the developers.

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Also, we will have a 1-hour long stream on PS5 on June 4th. There will be an official look on PlayStation 5 (finally!) and some games for PS5 will be revealed too. Get ready, PlayStation 5 is coming this fall.

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