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Friends Reunion Special Might Complete Filming Before the Summer Ends

As reported by Variety, Friends reunion special might complete its filming before the summer ends. Bob Greenblatt is the one who told Variety about this.

Besides this, he also said that they really wanted to release it on the original date. However, the circumstances were not too good. He said that even though the release date will be a bit later, fans will still love it.

For those who don’t know, there is going to be a Friends reunion special. It was supposed to release on May 27th. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, it had to be delayed. Now, people had no idea about the new release date but now at least we have a timeframe. If we are lucky, we will be able to see the reunion after a couple of months.

There is one more thing that Bob talked about. In case, the quarantine extends for a much longer period of time, we will get a virtual reunion.

Who will be in the Friends Reunion Special?

Matt LeBlanc, who will be in the Friends Reunion Special

I mean, fans are clearly expecting that all the main cast will be there. The producers are super ready to bring the cast back. We will get to see Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston. Without even one of them, the show would feel incomplete.

I am watching friends, right now. Currently on the 14th episode of the last season. When I watched Friends for the first time, I did not see what all the hype was about. However, when I watched it again, I got to see it. The show is way too relatable and perfect.

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We hope that the Friends Reunion Special is completed in the way that fans are expecting it.

We will keep you updated if there are any updates on the reunion.

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