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Fall Guys Bidding War! Here’s What You Must Know

Before Fall Guys released, their Twitter handle was very active. Personally, I’m having so much fun seeing the Fall Guys Twitter account. Yesterday, it became very wholesome too. In a tweet, Fall Guys said that companies have 2 weeks to bid. It means that there is a Fall Guys bidding war underway. The one who wins will get their desired sfw skin in the game. All the money that the game gives will be donated to Special Effect, a charity that is dedicated to giving disabled gamers a chance.

Who was the first bid in the Fall Guys Bidding War?

As I go through the tweets, I was so glad that it Warframe. They bid $20,000 for the charity. Soon after that Bisect Hosting came in with $38,880. Their method of calculation is looking great. Sidemen bid $40,000 and to top it off TushyBidet bid $40,000.01. However, they soon increased their bid to $50,000.

Wait, now it’s time for the big leagues.

All of a sudden, Mr. Beast came in riding on a horse and bid $100,000. Bisect Hosting raised another one and came with $120,000. Right now, G2Esports has the highest bid of $130,003.

The thing is that the bidding war started just yesterday and there is 2 weeks left. Why do I get the feeling that some companies are planning to come in with millions of dollars? We will have to just wait and see, I guess.

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Also, there are some people giving fake bids. If anyone reads this, don’t do these kinds of things, especially, when it’s for charity. It isn’t just rude; it is kind of dumb.

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I will try to keep you all updated as more bids come in.

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