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Facebook: Employees will be Allowed to Work-from-Home Until the End of 2020

The ongoing pandemic has caused major losses for companies all over the world. Employees have been working from their homes. However, Facebook is taking it one step further. It will allow many of its employees to work from home till the end of 2020. CNBC has said that Mark will make an official announcement today itself.

Why did Facebook make this decision?

Firstly, it is clear that the ongoing pandemic has caused some issues. Health agencies and the government have already advised businesses to take steps like this. The virus is not going to go away fully in a couple of months. It will take time. That is why Facebook is going to make this decision and they have thought it through.

This decision could also impact employees who are working at another company. Facebook is clearly taking a big decision and other big companies might take it too.

Facebook’s offices are going to open in July. However, not every employee will be required to come there. They have been working from home for a couple of months now. The company is already paying employees (those which are paid on hourly basis) who are unable to work right now for many different reasons.

Besides this, Mark Zuckerberg went ahead and cancelled every event which required physical presence till June 2021. Most of the important events will happen online. There are employees who need to be present at the office. However, it will be okay for them for quite some time.

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People working from the comfort of their home are safe. The company is making a good decision and others will follow it too. Mark will address this and give more info today.

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Stay tuned for more. We will tell you if other companies decide to do the same and give their employees a breath of safety.

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