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Extraction 2: Joe Russo has Confirmed to Work on a Script for the Movie

After Netflix’s Extraction was a hit among the audience, Joe Russo has finally given confirmation that he will start working on Extraction 2. Chris Hemsworth also wrote on Instagram that he would love to be back for another movie if it happens. However, Joe said that he will start making deals with Chris and Sam Hargrave. He will do that after the script is ready.

Russo told Deadline that he is working on Extraction 2. Besides that, they are currently thinking about the story for the movie. Ever since people saw the for Extraction, there are many questions which need answers.

Extraction: A Total Success

The movie is clearly a success for Netflix and everyone who was a part of it. Fans loved it and the actors also showed their appreciation. In its first month, around 90 million households have seen the movie. It has surpassed Spenser Confidential and 6 Underground which had around 85 million and 83 million viewers, respectively.

This number of viewers is certainly very high. However, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, clearly has a hand in that. People are at their homes and already watching TV shows and Movies. Netflix chose the perfect time to release Extraction.

Extraction has this charm to it. It involves a damaged character who is seeking a purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, the character finally rests. Audience loved the action and the characters were awesome as well.

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Now, Extraction 2 might be a sequel or a prequel. This is something that Joe is thinking about. He is also considering that fact that there is clearly, a cliffhanger at the end of the movie. People would want to know more about that.

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Joe wants Sam Hargrave to return. He and Sam have worked together in the past. Hemsworth, on the other hand, will be shown the screenplay before making any deal.


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