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Ex-PlayStation Executive Says that Devs Should Make Shorter Games to Survive

Shawn Layden, who is an Ex-PlayStation Executive is saying that the scale of AAA games could make survival, very hard. GamesIndustry.biz reports that Shawn says The Last of Us 2 was just 10 hours longer than The Last of Us. However, it costed a lot more to make. Nonetheless, the price is still just 60 bucks. In the coming future, the development of AAA games would be a lot higher. Also, this future is not that far away as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are just around the corner.

What else did the Ex-PlayStation Executive say?

Shawn said that AAA games cost around $80-$150 million. That does not include all the marketing costs which are very high. However, as next-gen joins the game, the development could double.

With each generation, the development costs will increase but if the price of the final product remains the same, companies will not survive. Companies need to deeply think and strategize about many critical questions. If not the prices for the final product don’t change then survival will be hard.

With the next-gen consoles approaching, development of AAA games will just increase. People want big maps and more areas to explore. Games which provide 80 hours of gameplay take many years to develop. Not every company can do that much amount of work with low investment. However, people expect them to do so. Such companies could go out of business to some extent.

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According to Shawn, devs should work on creating games which are about 15 hours long and take around 3 years to develop. This will allow the costs to be in control and the prices can still be around $60.

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Also, this could be beneficial for consumers too. The game would be really good as there are less chances of mistakes. Focusing on this will keep the market stable and open for new strategies.

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