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Dwayne Johnson has a Chance to Win the Election and He is not Even Running for President

Recently, Dwayne Johnson gave a speech showing his views on the current leadership in the U.S. The people are loving The Rock for this and are appreciating him. He is an actor and the theory of him as President is not far-fetched. Dwayne Johnson has a chance to win the election for President.

Dwayne Johnson as President?

If you did not know, there are some rumors that The Rock could run for President in the future. The people are showing their views on this and most are positive. With Dwayne’s 8-minute speech on Donald Trump, people want him to become the President. Video is receiving a huge number of views and is viral.

He is not even running for President and the out of all the election bets for 2020, 3.34% are for him. According to Decider, bookmakers are saying that Dwayne Johnson’s price is at +40000. Also, this means that he has a 0.2% chance to become the President.

If you think that this is too low then you should know something, The Rock is not running for President (for now). Besides this, out of all the possible candidates who are being backed, Dwayne is at the third position.

Dwayne Johnson has a chance to win the election, however, no one knows if he will run for President. He has a great career as an actor and he has a lot of time to utilize. Maybe, in the coming years, he will turn to politics. The protests are bringing change to the society. Many big companies are showing their full support to the cause.

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