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Disney Springs is Using Stormtroopers to Spread Awareness on Social Distancing

Some places which were closed to ensure that the spread of coronavirus is contained, are reopening slowly. Of course, these places will make sure that the public is safe and secure. With so many people being infected and a huge number of them dying, we all have to be careful. Many businesses are reopening in the United States. Disney Springs, in Orlando is taking it the safety to a fun yet effective, level.

Disney Springs spreading awareness

Star Wars has a huge fan base and a successful franchise. Now, Disney is using this to ensure the safety of its visitors. Stormtroopers are patrolling the public areas to be friendly. Oh yes, who won’t love taking advice or orders from them. They are spreading awareness and helping people with social distancing in a friendly way. I would love to be there to see how they are doing it. However, most of cannot do that and that is why there is a small video of it at the bottom of this article.

Will other Disney theme parks open?

Disney will open the remaining theme parks. However, they will do this after ensuring everyone’s safety. They won’t open all the theme parks at once. Disney Springs was started once again on 20th May, 2020.

According to Disney, the company working hard for the reopening of its theme parks on July. Magic and Animal Kingdom are going to open on the 11th while Hollywood Studios and Epcot are opening on the 15th. While we are not sure about how many theme parks will open in July, it is good to see that the company is not forgetting about the safety of the people.

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Here is the video of Stormtroopers doing their duties. Hopefully, other Disney theme parks will do the same.

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