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Destiny 2 is Finally Putting an End to the Almighty Ship!

Well, its finally here! At the start of the current season of Destiny 2, we saw that The Almighty ship was pointing towards Hub city. It was the Cabal faction who pressed the ‘Do not press this button’ button.

Well, now players are seeing that ship when they look at the sky.

Ship is connected to the story of Destiny 2

If you have played the game then you must know about this ship. The main story is basically about not letting this ship destroy the sun. That’s its superpower! This ship can destroy a sun which would lead to well, death and destruction. However, nothing really happens to the ship after you complete the story.

Almighty and Destruction?

Well, players forgot about it till the devs created multiple public events. During these, the players needed to built some awesome missiles to destroy the ship before it destroys everything. This event is happening for some time.

Now, the players are seeing the Almighty in the game. On May 26th 2020, players saw the ship. Kudos to our keen observers but most people did not notice it. If you want to see it, you will need to look long and hard. However, the easy way is to just lower your screen’s brightness. Here is a status on twitter by @SayNoToRage.

You can spot this ship by looking at the sun. It is the tiny H-shaped metallic object. However, if you see from up close, it ain’t that small. Also, the tower is going to see some damage. That means, you can expect some changes.

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This event could happen somewhere between today and 2nd week of June. With another season coming, I am expecting a lot from Bungie. Hopefully, we will get an announcement soon after the destruction of the tower.

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