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Design Moon Toilets for NASA and Win a Lot of Money!

Have you wondered how it would be like for you if you went to space? Well, you must have. Everyone wonders the same thing but there are not a lot of people who get to go to space. However, NASA is giving you the chance to send your creation into space. How? Design Moon toilets.

Design Moon Toilets? Really?

Yeah, you heard it correctly. NASA is working on Project Artemis and they plan to send a man and the first woman on the moon. Also, they are planning to do it by 2024. It is a big feat and they want your help. They are doing this with HeroX. Besides this, there is $35,000 for those who win the challenge. The one who gets the first position wins $20,000 and the second and third gets $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

It might seem funny and it is but there a lot of problems with pooping in space and on the moon. NASA is making it much easier for themselves to tackle this problem while giving someone a chance to solve it.

Though, there are some very important guidelines that you need to follow when designing the moon toilet. You have to keep in mind that this toilet will be for men and woman. Not just that, you have to consider the power consumption. There are many other guidelines which you can go through.

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The contest is not just for adults but it is also for our younger generation. NASA will be giving them prizes other than money. For example, Certificate, Public Recognition, and much more. Each winner will be from a different age group for juniors. This means that their will be a single winner for age group between 15-17, 11-14, and Under 11.

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The deadline for the submission is August 17, 2020. The contest is live and you can at least try to do this because there’s not much to do these days.

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