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Deadpool 3: The Movie Might Not Happen, says Robert Liefeld

According to the creator of Deadpool, Robert Liefeld, there is no news at all regarding Deadpool 3. Marvel basically has said nothing about the third movie in the series.

He was in an interview with Inverse where naturally, he was asked about the third movie. Over the past couple of months, questions have been raised on Deadpool’s future in the movie industry. However, fans have received nothing concrete.

What did Robert say about Deadpool 3?

He said that he is not excited regarding Marvel’s phase 4 for the movies. He talked about how people get excited about sequels, during these years. According to Rob, the current schedule for the movies in the MCU is not as good when compared to the last one.

He talks about how there are no X-Men movies in the phase 4.

According to him, it would take 4 years of production to release Deadpool 3 if they start working on it today. The saddest thing that he said that Marvel has no plans whatsoever regarding the third Deadpool.

Maybe the movie will happen, however, we cannot expect it to be released in the next couple of years. Ryan Reynolds has clearly shown his excitement towards the movie and fans would love to see a third one asap.

There is a lot of positive news regarding the movie but we should keep our expectations low for the next couple of years.

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