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Deadpool 3 Actor Says the Script is Being Written

When Deadpool was releasing, no one really knew what to exactly expect. However, the movie was amazing and it got a sequel. It was amazing too. The third movie in the series is seeing delays and all kinds of problems. We know that it will come but no one knows when. This is the same for the actors in the movie. Deadpool 3 actor, Morena Baccarin is one of them.

What does the Deadpool 3 actor say?

This year, we are seeing different articles daily about the future of different movies. For Deadpool 3, it has ranged from never going to release to the movie is in the works.

For example, Rob Liefeld said that the movie is not happening any time soon because Disney is not focusing on it. However, later he changed this comment saying that he is not really in the inner circle for the movie right now. Maybe, talks are going on but he doesn’t know anything.

Morena Baccarin plays the role of Vanessa Carlysle in the series. According to her, the script is in the works and she does not know much. She says that no one has come to her about the movie. It is possible that she might not even be in the movie.

We know that she is not in the loop right now but it is something. Maybe, the producers are trying to take their time because of the pandemic. Utilizing the time to write a great script and then continuing with the movie, seems a good idea.

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Ryan Reynolds is the man for the job and he is the primary reason for our love for Deadpool. When the movie comes out, Deadpool 3 actor, Ryan Reynolds will be there. Disney knows that Deadpool 3 is a huge asset with infinite creative potential. That’s why we know it will happen.

I will keep you updated about Deadpool 3 on TheNewsCave.

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