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Dead Island 2 Five-Year Old Playable Build Leaked!

Videos are surfacing on the Dead Island 2 five-year old build. People are playing it and the gameplay does look like it is very old. This build first showed up on 4Chan. According to Eurogamer, Yager and Deep Silver worked on the game before they split up back in 2015.

It has been more than 5 years and we still don’t know when will Dead Island 2 release. The build which people are playing right now is old. The last gameplay video for Dead Island 2 showed the gamers, some man against zombie action. However, everything is dead-silent, for now.

About Dead Island 2 Five-Year Old Build

According to Eurogamer, the gameplay is of Dead Island 2. People can play this build right now, however, when the game releases, it will be a very different from this. The gameplay is of a build which is 5 years old and you should not expect much from that. The mechanics look clunky and the overall gameplay needs work. We already know that the graphics and these mechanics will change.

In the video, we see a sword being used as weapon. This is not new but attacking a bunch of zombies with it sets the tone. The running was not smooth at that time. The developers must have worked on it.

When Dead Island 2 releases, there will be more characters, weapons, and more. Hopefully, Deep Silver talks about the game soon as the people are already playing an older version. Seeing this older build of the game makes me think that this game needs a lot of work. Most of us are willing to wait for a better game and we are not losing hope.

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Here are two of the videos that you can watch of the fiver-year old build of the game.

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