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Coronavirus Takes 640 More Lives in UK Including a 14-Year-Old

Deaths in U.K. have increased by 640. The deaths consisted of 475 people in England, 83 people in Scotland, 73 people in Wales. The remaining 9 were in Northern Ireland. Among these, there was a 14-year-old. The sad thing about this is that the teen was healthy. Due to coronavirus complications, people have been dying all over U.K.

The teenager was reported to have died on April 20th. However, he was not reported until today, on the daily updates. This happened because of data processing delays and verification delays. Another 13-year-old was reported dead before him. He was Mohamed Abdulwahab and he died shortly after testing positive for coronavirus. He was also healthy and had no underlying conditions.

Total deaths in the U.K.

The total deaths due to the virus have now reached 22,370. People fear that some have died without being tested. Care homes around the nation have reported 190 deaths from April 10th to April 24th. Care homes have been asked to report these deaths when they happen.

About 42 died on April 26th, 148 on April 27th, and then the deaths fell to 96 on April 28th. DHSC has not reported the figures consisting of the whole United Kingdom. The total deaths have been taken from individual reports from each nation.

However, when the reports actually come out, the number of deaths might be much more different. It will either be much higher or around the current estimates. In England, 30 deaths had patients who tested negative for COVID-19. However, they were suspected to be positive because of the symptoms. In England, the oldest person who died due to the virus, aged 101. The youngest coronavirus victim was just 14 years old. 27 patients who died. were completely healthy as they had no underlying conditions.

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