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Corey La Barrie: Popular YouTuber Passes Away Due to a Car Crash

The year 2020 is turning out to be worse in ways no one could have imagined. People are losing their loved ones because of multiple reasons. As reported by TMZ, Corey La Barrie has died due to a car crash. He was with Daniel Silva, a well-known YouTuber in the car. Silva was the one driving while Corey was in the passenger seat. TMZ reported that he was involved in a car crash. The saddest thing about it is that it was his birthday.

What happened?

Daniel Silva and Corey were in a sports car. However, they ended up crashing into a sign and a tree. Corey did not survive the accident. He was taken to a hospital in LA where he died. Daniel, on the other hand, only suffered from a broken hip.

Daniel Silva to be arrested

TMZ has reported that the police will be arresting Silva for the murder of Corey La Barrie. They will either do that when he is discharged from the hospital or at the hospital itself. Police has also told TMZ that during the party, witnesses saw Daniel drinking. Him and Corey left the party afterwards in a McLaren. Corey’s brother also went on his Instagram and said that Daniel was drunk at the party.

TMZ has reported that they don’t know exactly what happened. However, the speed of the car might have been high. It is a sad day for the YouTube community as well as Corey’s family.

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This was Corey’s last video. Also, here is his last post on Instagram and Twitter.

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