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Cleveland Brown Voice Actor Quits the Role from Family Guy

Family Guy is a very popular animated show with a huge fan following. One of its characters is Cleveland Brown. Mike Henry is the Cleveland Brown voice actor. However, he just announced on Twitter that he’ll no longer voice the character.

Why did Cleveland Brown Voice Actor Quit?

Mike Henry is a white man and he was the voice of an African-American character. Besides this, the show is running swiftly since 1999. Mike has been the voice actor since it began. Mike also voiced Cleveland Brown’s son, Rallo Tubbs.

Mike Henry is quitting because he wants the persons of color to voice the characters of color. That is why, he is leaving Cleveland Brown’s role behind. Mike was the voice of Brown for 20 years.

The character is certainly popular. Why? He had his own spinoff show called The Cleveland Show. Right now, I am waiting to see the reactions of his cast members and the production team.

People are very angry about this. This news comes in after people took to social media and stated that Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell are the voices of mixed-race characters on Big Mouth and Central Park, respectively. Jenny Slate will not play her character anymore. A black actor will play the role now.

We will have to wait and see who will be the new voice of Cleveland Brown. It is good to see that Mike quit the role himself and left gracefully. It could have gotten ugly because some people harass the actors which is certainly not a good sign. Nonethless, people support Mike Henry’s decision.

Also, I am waiting to see what changes Brooklyn Nine-Nine will see after receiving backlash.

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