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Call of Duty: Warzone Snake Glitch Found and Its Too Funny

If you hate your speed while being prone, you don’t need to for a sometime. Call of Duty: Warzone snake glitch is becoming really popular. It allows players to be really defensive and cause some moments of anger. However, it is way too funny. Of course, with this kind of power, players are abusing it.

The Sadness Caused by Call of Duty: Warzone Snake Glitch

Recently, while playing the game, you could have died mysteriously. You did not know where the shot came from and you were just out in the wild, living your sweet life. The harsh truth is that someone (a snake) killed you while abusing a glitch. That player was somewhat invisible and you were just his innocent victim.

Players have gone to Reddit and other social media showing their encounters and giving their opinions. You have to be careful or you will be one of them too. Players who are facing the glitch do not know about it unless their teammate tell them. The players are standing normally on their screens. However, for others, they are slithering away and cannot be seen unless they look at the ground. The problem lies when the player with the glitch is behind cover. Others cannot see them while the “glitcher” is standing normally behind cover and is killing everyone.

There are so many videos on the Call of Duty: Warzone Snake Glitch. We have one of these videos. Players are getting shocked while having their funny moments. Of course, this glitch will be fixed but there is no info as to when it will happen. Also, if you want to try this glitch out, there are methods but I won’t help you. I advise you to not use this glitch if you want to kill other players. This will just ruin everyone’s game.

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