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Call of Duty: Warzone Competition Viewers Can Win In-Game Rewards!

Call of Duty: Warzone competition will have players competing against each other. These are pro players who will be facing each other to win $10,000. 12 teams of 48 people will go up against each other in a private lobby. This lobby is for this event only and normal players can’t access it.

Call of Duty: Warzone competition viewers will get rewards

Now, the pros are going to compete for $10,000. However, the viewers will be able to snag some really cool rewards. For example, double XP tokens, sprays, animated calling cards, emblems, and more.

This event will begin today at 3 PM ET.

How to get rewards

During the Call of Duty: Warzone Competition, the viewers will just need to watch the live stream of the event. You can either watch it on the League website or the COD companion app on android. This means that you won’t have to play the game.

The only two important steps are to register an account on the above mention website or app. After this, you have to link your Activision account to the website. That is pretty straightforward.

Go ahead and do it now because the event will start today. Besides this, there is a bunker challenge going on in the game. If you have not tried that then you should. Trust me, you will have lots of fun.

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Aside from the competition, the new game could be another Black Ops. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion. Hopefully, it will have a good story like Advanced Warfare.

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