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Batman’s Batmobile Concept Art Revealed and It is Awesome!

Jeff Frost, a concept artist posted some images on his website. Those images were The Batman’s Batmobile concept art. However, the website is private and you won’t be able to see those images on it. Though, you don’t need to worry, we got you covered. Some people might not like how the new Batmobile looks but I have to say, it gives a different vibe. A mix of future and past gives it something that no other Batman movie had.

Batman’s Batmobile Concept Art

@TheBatRobert shared them on his Twitter. Now, we are finally seeing what will Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile could possibly look like. It gives a futuristic vibe and some insights on how the movie will be. We know that it is not going to be like the previous Batman movies. Nevertheless, we know The Batman is going to be much darker and more intense.

We are seeing that Matt Reeves is trying to make a movie that is more realistic and honest to this period of time. This is something that most superhero movies don’t have. The movie could have an R-Rating. Matt Reeves is trying to get this. It is clear that the movie is going to be a serious one and brutal.

According to Reeves, the story will be emotional and thrilling. It won’t be straightforward because Reeves has said that it will focus more on Batman’s detective skills. This fact, provides a unique feel because the recent Batman movies did not have that.

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If this is what Reeves is going for then Batman would need to blend in the environment. That won’t happen if he is the Batmobile from The Dark Knight. Batman’s Batmobile concept art shows that the new Batmobile will be more than just a weapon.

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