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Back 4 Blood: Concept Art Revealed by Left 4 Dead Creators

Well, those who have played both Left 4 Dead games have only fond memories with their friends. Moments filled with rage, fun, and that scare when the players heard the witch. Turtle Rock Studios are the creators of one of our favorite co-op zombie game. They are working on Back 4 Blood and the first concept art is out.

About Back 4 Blood

As you can see, the concept art showcases a fort. This could be a map because it looks fairly big and has a lot of potential. There are a whole lot of fortifications in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Turtle Rock Studios say that the game is a co-op first-person shooter. It is similar to Left 4 Dead but will have many unique features. You’ll be up against zombies but it is possible that the range of your enemies will be more.

Left 4 Dead focused on the escape and this could see some changes in Back 4 Blood. We could have traps to take down zombies and plan our attacks. However, I expect that Turtle Rock will not strip the charm of fighting hordes of zombies which Left 4 Dead has.

Since this game might release on next-gen consoles, I expect the graphics to be really good. Hopefully, the gameplay will be smooth and we’ll be able to fight hordes of zombies without seeing frame drops. PC

Now, we wait on Turtle Rock Studios to release more details and a new teaser trailer.

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The release date is not clear right now but I will keep you updated on TheNewsCave.

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