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Attack on Titan Final Season is Beginning this Fall! Here’s the Trailer

The trailer for Attack on Titan final season is out now. It is the first trailer out of some more upcoming teasers and trailer. It was made to create excitement among the fans and it’s working.

Firstly, the trailer is not in English and has no subtitles. There is another version with subtitles. I will link that version at the bottom of this post. According to me, it is very subtle because many fans will feel the mystery. Also, the trailer shows some snippets and you don’t get details on the plot for the upcoming season.

Cool Details for Attack on Titan final season

In the trailer, you will see a Titan with a machine gun on its back. We all know what kind of mayhem this would bring. However, we will have to wait to see this in action. Also, this season was produced by another studio rather than Wit Studios. They were behind the first three seasons. This time, you are not going to see them. Though, do not lose hope because the trailer brings hope. MAPPA is producing Attack on Titan final season.

With the final season airing this fall, everyone needs something more. I think that we can be hopeful that this season will be good. The art style seems a bit different but fans should keep an open mind.

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You can watch the trailer below and comment about your views on it. Also, if you want, you can visit TheNewsCave’s Twitter and follow it. All my posts are there and I always keep it updated.

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