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AT&T Gaming Division Reportedly Not for Sale Anymore

Not too long ago, we heard news that AT&T is planning to sell its gaming studios. For example, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (basically, all of AT&T Gaming Division). However, now, this might not be happening. Studios under this like Rocksteady, NetherRealm, and a few more might be totally safe.

Why is AT&T Gaming Division Safe Now?

AT&T changed their mind to sell the gaming studios. Now, they are focusing on restructuring their organization. According to an email from Jason Kilar, the studios will remain under AT&T and are safe. There is a lot of pressure on the company but Jason Kilar is very positive. I don’t know what they are planning to do with the studies.

However, I know that Rocksteady is working on a Suicide Squad game. They revealed it just a few days ago. AT&T will navigate through these issues and focus on getting the studios back on track.

Previously, they were planning to sell the gaming division for $4 billion. Also, Activision, EA, and Take-Two Interactive were looking interested in buying it. However, no reports came in about them confirming this and the deal became a ghost. Now, that has changed.

The new Suicide Squad game holds a lot of potential. Rocksteady has already made the perfect Arkham series and are very creative. Knowing them, we will probably get a really great game with a lot of new things. Batman was successful and maybe, this one will be as well.

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There is a good chance that it will be revealed properly on DC Fandome which is happening on 22nd August.

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