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Apple Will Allow Monthly Payment for Mac, AirPods, and iPad if Bought Through Apple Card

People will be able to pay monthly installments if they buy products like Mac, iPad, and AirPods through Apple Card. If you buy them through your Apple Card, you will be able to easily manage your payments. Apple will announce the payment plans for these. According to Bloomberg, the payments will be managed from the iPhone Wallet. We don’t know when Apple will allow monthly payment plans for these products.

Also, your monthly bill will contain the installments for your product.

Other Payment Plans

12-months plan will be available for products such as iPads, Apple Pencil, iPad keyboards, and more. This plan is interest-free. Besides this, a six months plan for AirPods, Apple TV, and HomePad, is interest-free too. There is even a 24-month payment plan if you buy iPhone with your Apple Card. However, this plan is already available. Apple will allow monthly payment plans for some of these products but not all.

The Apple Card looks sleek and it is a physical card. Those who have it, can use the Apple Wallet app to pay for the bill and more. It was launched in August 2019. It allows quick and contactless payment for Apple products. Also, Apple and Goldman Sachs are the ones behind it.

It is basically a really cool-looking credit card for Apple products. It has proven to be quite useful for the users.

We are hoping that able will announce this officially and the plans will be suitable for those who cannot afford Apple products.

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