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Apple Manufacturing iPhone 11 in India for the First Time!

It’s a great moment for everyone. A company like Apple manufacturing iPhone 11 in India is a big deal for everyone. Foxconn, Apple manufacturer has begun to build iPhone 11 near Chennai in India. Apple has not done something like this in India before making this as its first time.

Why is Apple Manufacturing iPhone 11 in India?

The thing is that some of the iPhone models which were priced much lower than the premium ones, were made in India. However, Apple has always shown their interest in manufacturing a premium iPhone. For example, iPhone 11.

I wrote an article some time ago about Apple moving their manufacturing away from China. Apple made iPhone in China but they’ve been considering to move all of it away. India is one of the top smartphone markets proving to be fruitful for companies like Apple. That’s another reason as to why Apple is beginning to make iPhone 11. With this strategy, Apple will try to take up more of India’s smartphone market.

Hopefully, this means that the price of the iPhone will be lowered by a bit because most Indians are unable to invest in one. The import duty will be avoided to some extent and could lead to more opportunities for Apple in India’s market.

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