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Apple iTunes U Will Cease to Exist After 2021

Apple iTunes U will cease working somewhere in either late 2021 or after 2021. It is a platform for teachers and instructors which allows them to share their courses to students from all over the world. Now, Apple is going to, well, discontinue it. Apple has advised to protect your courses as they required a lot of work. Apple’s website has a document confirming this news about Apple iTunes U.

If you are a student who is doing a course from Apple iTunes U, please reach out to the course instructor. Ask them whether they plan to move the course in the coming days.

If you are an instructor then either back up your courses or move them somewhere else. You must have worked hard on creating the course, please back it up. You can advise the students who are in the middle of the course if you are planning to move or remove it.

However, the content is going to be up during 2020-21 educational year, according to Apple. Nonetheless, be active about the situation.

Why is Apple iTunes U being discontinued?

Apple is clear that they are working on separate apps for teachers and students. For example, Classroom and Schoolwork. These allow teachers to provide assignments to their students.

Also, Apple knows that iTunes is not going to have much of a future if they keep pushing stuff into it. Making standalone apps which focus on one primary function, is much better. There is a lot of competition now too. Especially during quarantine, apps like Apple iTunes U are thriving.

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The app has seen some great days. Back in 2013, the courses on the app had over 1 Billion downloads. In 2019, Apple began to move the content from the app to multiple different platforms.

However, It seems clear to me that they knew about the future of this app.

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