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Apple iOS 13.5: New Features to Help You with COVID-19

The latest update for iOS, Apple iOS 13.5 is live now and you can download it. There are several new features that have been introduced for the safety of the users. For example, Simple Face ID, Medical ID, and some more. Tim Cook made an announcement stating that the company has been working with Google to bring these features to its consumers.

Simple Face ID

Now that people have to wear masks when they go out of their homes, there are many problems with using the Face ID feature. With Apple iOS 13.5, you will be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing your mask.

Face ID in the new Apple iOS 13.5 update

Don’t worry, your safety is Apple’s primary concern. When you try to unlock your phone through this feature, it’ll take you straight to the passcode section. It will save you some time. The same thing will happen when you need to approve a purchase through your Face ID. For example, App Store, iTunes, and some other apps.

Medical ID

With this, you’ll be able to add your medical information. Now, this feature was already available for emergency situations. However, with Apple iOS 13.5, this feature has received some updates. When you make a call to 911, your Medical ID will be shared with them. You won’t have to worry about doing that yourself. Your medical information will be shared with the 911 operator securely.

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However, this feature will only be available in the US, for now.

There are some more important enhancements which are coming with this update. Some bugs will get a fix and your user experience will certainly be better. We advise you to install this update as soon as possible because it allows you to be a bit safer during the pandemic.

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We will say once again, According to Apple, all your information will be securely shared with 911 operators.

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