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Apple Earpods, “AirPods Pro”, are Being Manufactured in Vietnam Instead of China

People are finding out that their Apple earpods are manufacturing in Vietnam instead of China. According to The Verge, one of their employee gave them an image in which, she was holding an AirPod case and at the back, it said ‘Assembled in Vietnam’.

Why is Apple doing this?

We think that they are trying to manufacture Apple earpods in Vietnam to rely less on China. The biggest reason for this is that China is not going to be at the top of every company’s list for manufacturing purposes.

Apple would not want to reduce their credibility just because they manufacture Apple AirPods Pro in China. We all know that Apple used to produce many units of their products in China. However, they are looking to manufacture products from other countries because of COVID-19.

Also, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has to be under a lot of pressure because of the sensitive situation in America because of China.

Apple has moved some of their manufacturing power to Vietnam. It shows that they are making some hard decisions. Also, Apple earpods are the first products which prove Apple’s actions. A lot of talking is going on about the company thinking about their production strategy since January and February 2020.

Apple will manufacture some products in China. However, we are unsure about their future strategies. Also, we have no idea about the number of units which are being manufactured in China or Vietnam.

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Let’s see if Apple talks about this in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated.

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