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Apex Legends Season 5: Trailer Showcasing Loba’s Abilities is Out Now!

We will finally get to play Apex Legends season 5 next week. However, there is some time. In order to give us a little taste, Respawn has released a trailer. However, the trailer did not have any gameplay. It did tell us a little about Loba’s abilities. If you don’t know, she will be the new hero who is coming with season 5.

The Trailer

We do have to say that the trailer is filled with action and parkour. Now, it only gave a glimpse of her abilities, we still have a lot to know about her. Her abilities might allow her to quickly move from place to place. This could possibly provide a quick escape or a quick flank for the players.

If you watch the trailer, you will see Loba in some kind of an underground factory. She ends up tripping an alarm. This causes a whole lot of ruckus. A whole bunch of robots try to take her on. However, she is damn good and destroys many of them. She quickly places a bomb and destroys the factory.

Although, a robot grabs her when she is close to the top and drags her down in the explosion. She emerges at the top by teleporting there. After that, we see our other heroes from the game. This shows that she is going to become of them now.

Since, we have no gameplay footage of Loba, it is hard to make out how ger abilities would work in-game. However, Apex Legends season 5 will be starting on 12th May at 1 p.m. EDT.

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Learn more about the coming season here.

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