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Apex Legends Season 5: Respawn has Released a Gameplay Trailer!

Just a few days ago, we got to see a trailer which showcased Loba’s abilities. However, that trailer was not an in-game trailer. Now, Respawn has finally given us the trailer to Apex Legends season 5.

Hunts and Quests

In the upcoming season, we will get to do quests in the game. The quest will be happening throughout the season. In it, we will have to find nine pieces of some artifact. You will have to compete in matches. For instance, Duos, Ranked, etc. After doing that, you will get rewards and also some more quests which will eventually lead to one of the nine pieces.

You will only get the rewards after you unlock a mission. You can do this solo or with a team. However, if you are doing the mission alone, you will get a few respawns. Every hunt that you complete, will tell you more about the story. Each piece will unlock a chapter.  Besides this, after getting all the nine pieces, you will get many rewards and a secret will be revealed.

Also, after completing each hunt, you will be able to replay them. You will get to play hunt from May 19. However, you will need to collect 5 of the treasure packs to start your first hunt. Treasure packs have been explained below. By the way, new hunts will be available each week until you get all nine pieces.

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Treasure Packs

Besides the quests, you will also be able to collect treasure packs when you are playing in a competitive match. These packs will only be unlocked after you return back to the lobby. They won’t take up your inventory space.

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There will only be 45 packs in Apex Legends season 5 and you will be able to get only one per day.

These treasure packs will have a variety of items. For example, Battle Pass XP, Crafting Materials, etc. Besides these, if you are lucky, you will get a chance to play the hunt for one of the nine pieces of the artifact.

Besides playing the game for these packs, you can also buy them.

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