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American Idol Season 4 is Coming on ABC!

The finale of American Idol season 3 is on 17th May. The renewal of American Idol for a season 4 is big news and comes right on time. The Renewal will be a big news for the audience as the show has been doing quite well. Also, with the judges being perfect for the show, we can assume that it is going to be better.

Will the judges return for American Idol season 4?

The show has been on air for three seasons and the judges have remained the same. Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry are the judges. For the fourth season, there is no news on whether they will be returning or not.

The third season should have a big finale but it won’t. The reason is that it the showrunners are filming the episodes remotely. This has never happened before. Popular shows like ‘SNL’ and ‘The Tonight Show’ are being filmed remotely. Also, ‘The Voice’ is filming its episodes from home.

Auditions are being conducted virtually for ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Details on American Idol’s season 3 finale

The finalists of American Idol season 3 are Dillon James, Jonny West, Just Sam, Arthur Gunn, Francisco Martin, Julia Gargano, and Louis Knight.

During the finale, the judges and the finalists are going to work together and sing some beautiful song. Katy Perry’s will be singing ‘Daisies’. Luke will also sing his new song, ‘One Margarita’.

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Lionel Richie will sing ‘We Are the World’ but he won’t be doing that alone.

We will be watching the finale. Go ahead and get ready to watch a finale of a show virtually.

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