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A New Battlefield Game Will be Releasing in 2021

After it was officially announced that Battlefield 5 will be slowly put down along with Star Wars Battlefront 2, we now have a bit more news on the next Battlefield game. Electronic Arts gave the year for the game’s release.

Release Timeframe

Some time ago, we had just assumed that the next game will release during 2021 or 2022. However, we know that it is going to release in 2021 for sure.

Electronic Arts finally announced this through IGN. They said that DICE is focusing on bringing the next Battlefield game to the players in 2021.

EA took a long break in releasing their next game. However, they had a really good reason for it. Battlefield 5 did not do well in the sales area. Even Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, showed his disappointment with this news. According to him, the reason for the downward spiral in the sales was because of the delay in development. The delay caused the sales to reduce by one million units.

There is much that we do not know about the upcoming game. It could be like Hardline or something totally brand new. EA is surely trying to put in effort in order to make this game a success. Hopefully, the essence that players have always loved about the franchise will be seen again or it could turn out to be even better.

The final content update to the game will be out for the players in June 2020. The features of the game will be active but we will not be getting any more content after the upcoming update. EA will still allow the players to play Battlefront 2 but it is also not going to get any more content updates in the future.

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Let’s hope that they will make this game and consider what players want to see. EA is improving their games constantly except some. We will just have to wait and see what they do with this one.

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