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A Brand-New Xbox Store Design Leaked!

The codename for this new leaked design is Mercury. It shows the new Xbox store. Thurrott have already seen the new Windows 10 app. Besides this, they also showed the new design in action. The new Xbox Store design could release on Xbox Series X.

Images of the new Xbox Store Design

The images were posted on Twitter by @wincommunity. The images show the app running on Win 10. Have a look them yourself.


As you can see, the new Xbox store has a nice search bar and the design is not complicated at all. This will allow quick access and more ease for the users. Thurrott has seen the purchasing, searching, and other features of the new Xbox Store design. We do not know when Microsoft plans to release this new version of the store. However, you should know that there could some changes to the design and it may not look the same when it releases.

Microsoft will reveal more information on this soon. With Xbox Series X coming this year, Microsoft is planning to change and update many things for gamers. For example, the company is doing UI overhaul, releasing many new games, and more. Besides this, they are going to launch Xbox Series X with many games. By “many”, I mean thousands. At least, that’s what Microsoft says.

We will get more information in the coming days but we will have to wait a little. With everything happening in the U.S., many events are seeing some delays.

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